See How ADA can SAVE your Company 1000's of Personnel Hours You Currently Are Wasting Because of How Photos are Dealt With.

Webinar at America's Claims Executive 2021 Conference Underwriting and Claim Photos.... Why Is Your Cost So High?

“White Label” Automated Digital Assistants Technology to Your Own Mobile App

ADA’s “One of a Kind” technology allows a business to automate their photo documentation and create custom names and descriptions that become part of the photo’s digital data.  Automated Digital Assistant’s “Patent Pending” technology  will also automate filling out forms through an easy and efficient process. ADA automates whichever process is needed to complete photo taking and documentation in addition to forms needed to provide supporting data from the user.

Webinar at America’s Claims Executive 2021 Conference Underwriting Photos and Claim Photos…. Why Is Your Cost So High?


No one has really evaluated the cost to companies in creating, documenting, installing photos into systems, reviewing those photos by the various claim and underwriting team members, and updating those systems throughout the process. No one really needed to complete a breakdown of cost separate from other general claim administration expenses.

There has never been a solution to allow the: creating, processing, and reviewing of photos  a streamlined, easy, OR convenient process, UNTIL ADA.

We created an Automated Digital Assistant engrained in A.I. technology. (Patent Pending)   This “One-of- a-Kind” system can change how the industry processes and reviews claim and underwriting photos created by their customers and adjusters.  Add ADA technology into your systems seamlessly without changing any coding within that system.  You will just be adding your own servers to control all of your customer’s and adjuster’s photos and data. 


Our system is a closed data system which has no opportunity to upload any data created outside of the app. All app created items are protected on your own servers which store your photos and custom meta-data. The only items allowed to be uploaded to your servers is what was created WITHIN the app (NEW photo and NEW text). No photos or any files are allowed to be uploaded into the ADA Photo Apps. This provides  high-end security protection of company systems from cyber attack.

Each company can WHITE LABEL our technology and we can also create specialized formats to fit into your application. The ADA Business Photo App, ADA Adjuster Photos App, and ADA Insurance Photo App can be used for different purposes within each company’s various applications. Many more Automated Digital Assistants designed for a variety of business purposes will be release in 2021.  ADA’s goal is to increase production and efficiency…exponentially through a variety of Automated Digital Assistants built to help business excel.

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