COVID-19 Pandemic Claim Solutions


Quit Worrying!   ADA Insurance Photos App provides the claimant easy instructions to take all photos necessary to file a claim…Easy to Use… Take Photo.. Answer ADA’s Questions… Repeat Until Done!  These custom named photos provided by the insured  allows the insurance company the pertinent information needed to take action and finalize a claim.  This is completed WITHOUT placing the insured at risk of catching COVID-19 due to a face-t0-face visit.  “White Label” our Patent Pending” technology and place ADA Insurance Photos App on your own company’s insurance mobile app in record time.  Be up and running in less than 10 days.  Contact Automated Digital Assistant now! Immediately start using ADA Insurance Photos App  before you get sued for possibly giving your client Covid-19 because of on-site visits.

“White Label” Automated Digital Assistants Technology to Your Own Mobile App

ADA’s “One of a Kind” technology allows a business to automate their photo documentation and create custom names and descriptions that become part of the photo’s digital data.  Automated Digital Assistant’s “Patent Pending” technology  will also automate filling out forms through an easy and efficient process. ADA automates whichever process is needed to complete photo taking and documentation in addition to forms needed to provide supporting data from the user.

How does ADA do it?  ADA asks the user an audible question and the user answers verbally.  ADA then documents everything in ‘Real Time” typing whatever is stated verbally by the user and placing in the appropriate data field. ADA then automatically continues to the next step in the process.   When it relates to photos, ADA actually changes each photos name and provides a description opportunity up to 20 seconds long.  Once created, the user can use each photo independent of the ADA Photo Apps.  This way the photos, with the changed data, can be placed in most other software and the change photo data will populate the appropriate locations within other software using the photo data.

Each company can WHITE LABEL our technology and we can also create specialized formats to fit into your application. The ADA Business Photo App, ADA Adjuster Photos App, and ADA Insurance Photo App for consumers can be used for different purposes within each company’s various apps. Many more Automated Digital Assistants for a variety of business purposes will be release in 2021.  ADA’s goal is to increase production and efficiency…exponentially by offering a variety of Automated Digital Assistants to help business excel.

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