ADA Business Photos App

  • Look at your phone only to take photos--then never look back!
  • Saves you up to an hour per claim/job.
  • -
  • Just talk - don't type
  • Automatically types exactly what you say
  • Instant reports submitted as you step off the job
  • Less than $15 per month
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"No other app in the world does what ADA does"


  • Create Custom Named Photos & Descriptions Instantly

  • Saves You Tons-of-Time, Over-n-Over

  • Just Talk—Don’t Type

  • Automatically Types Exactly What You Say

  • Drag-N-Drop Custom Named Photos to Other Software

  • Instant Custom PDF Photo Reports Available

  • NO Internet Connection Required During Automation

ADA allows you to focus on your inspection. Other apps force your attention on the app.

Automated Digital Assistant Photo Apps are user-friendly apps which document your photos with custom real-time information. Once you start automation, ADA takes over and you only press the screen to take a photo, ADA does the rest while you verbally answer ADA’s audible questions such as: photo name, verbal descriptions up to 45 seconds long, date, and author. Your answers are input without the stroke of a key. Your photos are cloud-stored and high-resolution is in the control of the user. Data forms within the apps are automated and require no typing to complete, if desired. Your photos are ready to submit, and you are free to move onto your next job, having saved time and hassle!

How ADA Makes Your Job Easier


Your ADA provides speed, efficiency, and user-friendliness while documenting photos in real-time.


Your ADA talks to you, asking you to answer questions and then documents immediately.


Your ADA addsname, date, author, description to your photo


Your ADA allows you to place annotations on photos.


Your ADA Photo Albums can be dropped into other programs for use.


Your ADA provides a PDF photo report of 2 or 4 photos per page with cover-sheet.

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