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ADA Adjuster Photos App will automatically help you document: Structure Photos (AA), Other Structure Photos (BB), Content Photos (CC), and receipts for Additional Living Expenses (DD).    All you have to do is take a photo and answer questions verbally… No typing … Just Talking.  Everything is completed by ADA (Automated Digital Assistant).  During Automation, only touch your phone to take the photo, ADA does the rest. No need to touch screen multiple times like all other apps.  When finished taking photos, IMMEDIATELY Download and drag-n-drop custom named photos into your favorite estimating program…DONE!    ADA Adjuster Photos works WITHOUT INTERNET for those Catastrophe events! When finished with (off-line) photos and custom automated naming and descriptions,  just obtain an internet connection and finalize your job.  


 ADA Adjuster Photos App is a “One of a Kind” mobile application which allows the user to give the digital Photo a Custom Name and Detailed Description which becomes part of the individual photo’s digital data. ADA completes this in “REAL TIME” with the user Just Talking  – No Typing.  ADA Adjuster Photos App leads the user through this process automatically.   SHAVE-OFF  UP TO AN HOUR OF YOUR  TIME SPENT NAMING PHOTOS FOR EACH CLAIM!


ADA will ask the user to answer various questions like: Naming the photo and will also ask the user to provide a detailed description (bypass description option available). The Author and Date taken is automatically set globally. The app is built “user friendly” by allowing variable voice or typing automation. The user can speak the answers to the question for Ada’s voice to text impute or use pull down menus for names and just type the description data in the space provided. Either choice still automates the process of helping take photos automatically.

The only actions required by the user during automation are:

  1. 1. Take a photo and approve the picture just taken
  2. 2. Answer questions from ADA using:
      1. The only time the user touches the app device during voice automation is to take the photo. THEN ADA TAKES OVER typing everything stated by the user and continuing to open the camera for new photos. Photo verbal descriptions can be set up to 45 seconds of audio voice-to-text transcription using ADA.
      1. Use pull downs to choose pre-named photo options and type the description. Automation continues to lead the user to the next process of documenting new photos and opening the camera for the user’s next photos.

ADA Adjuster Photos App easily stops and starts based upon user’s work process and picks up again where the user left off for ease of completion on every photo album. NO INTERNET CONNECTION? Don’t worry, ADA Adjuster Photos app works in “offline” mode. The  “offline” mode maintains all automation to complete your work. To finalize the offline job after finished, just obtain an internet connection to complete downloads of finished work. Add photos to any album at any time while automatically adding those new photos to the album download link.


  1. 1. Use download link to save any of your album’s custom named photos and view them on any device.
  2. 2.  Print PDF Photo Reports with names and full descriptions of structures and content inventories.
  3. 3.  Use download link to see/save/send all your original sized photos to anyone.
  4. 4.  Unlimited Cloud Storage, Unlimited Updates, Unlimited Download Links (subscription plans only)

“WHITE LABEL” of ADA Adjuster Photos App’s “Patent Pending” technology is available for companies to place on their own mobile applications while keeping everything In-House. ADA’s seamless integration is a great added benefit for companies and their customers. Drastically reduce the time and cost of claim processing. Contact the Developer, Automated Digital Assistant LLC through the “White Label” section herein.

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